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Grata, rerum,novitas

About Us

Knowledge and exploration of the new is what drives us

We are a strongly motivated and highly skilled team of professionals, our key members have BA and Master Degrees and they proved themselves by working on various projects for High profile European Companies.

Our team members have extensive work experience in the UK and Italian IT sector, having developed a wide variety of projects from low-level system software with hard performance constraints to high level distributed web applications.

We keep expanding and improving our technical knowledge in order to meet ever-changing industry and clients’ requirements.

We love our job and take pride in writing solid code by employing the most efficient software engineering techniques. Our high quality coding standards will ensure that our partners could avoid expensive code reviews and inefficient slowdowns during code production.

We follow an AGILE approach and encourage a cohesive teamwork and development among our team members, so that we can assess any challenge from different angles and choose the best possible solution.

We do not only want to supply our services to our clients, we want to to get passionate about their busness and their technology view. We always try to build a long lasting relationship based on mutual trust and understanding.

We pride ourselve to hasve a family like approach in our Company and we want to make our clients parts of our family too.

This approach is taken also with the suppliers of the technologies we use as we always try to reach and estabilish a contact with the ones that create software that we strongly believe in and we try to support and promote it.


Alpha agency is proud of its close collaboration with the University of Pisa that drives constant research in the technology sector to create products and services to the highest quality standards