Need for... new experiences. Material Design & GreenSock

Nicola Cogotti

02-Aug-2018 22:13

A quick overview of the key concepts of Google Material Design combined with Greensock . Material Design is a visual language that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation of technology and science. GreenSock is a JavaScript framework which makes it easy to animate HTML elements and it is a perfect match with Material Design material vision

Security in Restful API using Angularjs and Java Jersey (Jax-RS) - Part I

Nicola Cogotti

13-Jun-2018 23:00

There exist numerous security concerns that deserve to be discussed when developing a RESTful API, due to their progressive diffusion and crescent adoption in modern web programming. Given the fact that the entire base of such technology relies within the (formally) stateless and completely insecure HTTP, much needs to be done in order to obtain reliable security policies for our data. This article aims to explore various effective approaches to implement these solutions.