Co-Founder at Alpha Cogs

Highly skilled, versatile and detail-oriented senior lead developer and solution architect with 9 years’ experience in UK market and solid background in software development, optimisation and security across variety of platforms. Worked on numerous projects from concept to completion with consistently high standards in coding and project organisation. Specialises in Security, NodeJs, Typescript, Amazon AWS and serverless architecture, Java 2EE, Angularjs, Jersey JAX-RS (Restful API), HTML5 Bootstrap/CSS3, Eclipselink and database architecture among other technologies.


Programming languages and frameworks(back-end): Nodejs, Typescript, Inversify, AWS/lambda, Java8, J2EE, Jersey jax-RX restful API, JSF 2.0, Dynamic Faces (jsf-extentions) for Ajax, Jboss Rules and expert systems.

Programming languages and frameworks (front-end): Angularjs(v1.5) and Angular (v.6), Typescript, Bootstrap, Css3, Material design, javascript, LESS, SCSS, GreenSock, IceFaces, PrimeFaces

Cloud services: Amazon Cloud

IDE and Tools: Visual Studio 2010-2012, 2013, Netbeans 8, Visual studio code, TortoiseSVN, GIT, source tree, GitKraken

Databases: AWS Dynamodb, EclipseLink JPA (Hibernate with annotations), SQL standard, Mysql database, SQL Server, DB2, SQLlite, CouchDB

Servers: Nodejs+Express, Nodejs AWS Lambdas, Apache Tomcat 8, Glass Fish application Server 4, Nodejs, IIS, PhantomJs

Operating Systems: Microsoft systems, Linux Ubuntu

Other: Tcp\IP and HTTP/HTTPs Protocols, High web security techniques, Bower, NPM, GruntJS, Active Directory



  • Experienced working in Agile environment

  • Effectively leading a diverse team of developers on the project

  • Successfully training developers in project technologies

  • Explaining technical information in easily understood terms

  • Researching, testing and sharing new technologies and techniques within the team and company

  • Building trusting relationships with clients during close communication on the projects



Jul.’09- Current UI Centric London, UK

Senior Lead developer and Solution Architect (last 4 years)

  • Client management

  • Project analysis and budget estimate

  • Solution Design (including selection the right technologies for the project)

  • Projects development and team lead of up to three developers

  • Training junior developers


Project: Who is Who (Sky) Royal wedding

The who is who Royal wedding is based on AWS and uses the AWS video face recognition services. The application aimed to demonstrate the AWS video AI computation capabilities on a live event. Using a database of VIPs the AWS video recognition engine where able to correctly identify people faces and their postion on the screen within 4 seconds.

Technologies used: Angular (v.6) and Typescript and hosted on AWS S3.


Project: UCL final 2018 (UEFA)

Designed and entirely developed an Amazon AWS demo to demonstrate Amazon Video AI capabilities to UEFA. The prototype needed to recognise events on a video using AWS video AI technology. The events recognised were: yellow flags, substitutions, goals.

Technologies used: Angular (v.6), Typescript and NodeJs with SSE events


Project: UPTOP (UEFA) (2017- curent)

Designed and developed the entire UPTOP application for UEFA. UPTOP is a document repository system for UEFA content used to train internal UEFA staff on the field during football matches.

Technologies used: the application is entirely developed using a serverless approach with the serverless framework and amazon AWS lambdas. I have used Inversify framework to implement SOLID principles. The back end has been written using Typescript and data are stotred on AWS Dynamobd.The frontend is hosted on AWS S3 and is written in Angular (v.6) with typescript.

Due to the importance of the project for the client I have adopted a strict policy of unit testing using Mocha and Chai to test every single aspect of the back-end.

The project also interacts with Sharepoint and Thron cms to manage video content and pdf documents.


Project: Near live publishing (UEFA) (mid 2016- current)

Designed and developed the entire Near Live Publishing solution for UEFA. Near Live publish is a social hub used by UEFA to manage in real time video content creating clips from Live Streams and live 3D streams to publish them on the majors social networks (UEFA official social platform, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Drive, FTP).

Technologies used: the application is entirely developed using a serverless approach with the serverless framework and amazon AWS lambdas. Realtime content checking for nudity using AWS video recognition. The back end has been written using NodeJs on EC2 instances for offline video processing (FFMPEG) while realtime operations are executed on Lambdas based on Nodejs, AWS Dynamo DB is the main data storage along with a private S3 bucket. The frontend is hosted on AWS S3 and is written in Angular with typescript.

The project is entirely hosted on AWS and is composed by 4 different EC2 instances for video manipulation and 3D video broadcasting. All the online/live operations are implemented using Lambdas. Because of the scale of the project a serverless approach based on lambdas has been adopted to keep the cost at the minimum.

The project is still under constant development.


Project: Camelot (National Lottery) retailers’ website Link

Designed and developed the entire National Lottery web site for Camelot retailers and a custom CMS, including Restful APIs, Database, Back-end and UI. The main requirement of the site was having a bank level security for data protection.

Technologies used: Java8, Jersey Jax-RX restful framewrok, EclipseLink, Apache Tomcat 8.0.15 (back-end) and Angularjs 1.4, Bootstrap, CSS3, Bower, Npm and Active Directory for user authentication.


Project: Camelot (National Lottery) retailers’ management system Loop

Worked closely with Camelot working in their offices in Watford to develop the back-end of the application, whilst worked in UI Centric office to develop the front-end.

Technology used: C# 4.5, Azure SDK and MS SQL 2012. Microsoft Synch Framework 2.1, SQLlite


Project: UEFA Legacy

Worked closely with UEFA travelling to their offices in Geneva to discuss project requirements and solutions for the application.

Technology used: Angularjs 1.3, NodeJs, Bootstrap, SQLlite


Project: UEFA Stress test (S.T.)

Worked closely with UEFA in order to create a custom tool with the purpose of testing UEFA infrastructure under heavy workload.

Technology used: JSF2.0, Primefaces, Java7, Glass fish application server, SOAP API client.


Project: PHIN (Healthcare sector)

Designed and developed the entire PHIN website and a custom CMS.

Technology used: Java8, Jersey Jax-RX restful framewrok, EclipseLink, Apache Tomcat 8.0.15 (back-end) and Angularjs 1.4, Bootstrap, CSS3, Bower, Npm



Jun.2017 (2 weeks) London London, UK

AWS Course for AWS certifiaction


Feb.’09 Pisa University Pisa, Italy

Professional Engineer Licence

Mark 227 out 240 (The second best mark of the session)


Feb.’08 Insurance Online SPA Pisa, Italy

Microsoft Certificate

Certificate of Achievement for Developing MA .Net Web Applications Using Visual Studio.Net


Dec. ’07 Pisa University Pisa, Italy

Eucip Certification

Currently at the base level (3 exams: Plan knowledge area, build knowledge area, operate knowledge area)


Oct. ’07 Pisa University Pisa, Italy

MSc in Computer Engineering for Business Management

Thesis Title: Design and development of an expert system for the automate management of a sports centre

Mark 102 out of 110


Sept.’99-Oct. 04 Pisa University Pisa, Italy

Degree in Computer engineering

Mark 92 out of 110


Sept. 94-Lug. ’99 Liceo Classico “Decastro” Oristano, Italy

High School Diploma (A-level)

Mark 82 out of 100


Personal Information

  • Gender: Male

  • Languages: Italian (native), English (fluent)

  • Full and clean driving license

  • Interests: Latest technologies, motorbikes, fitness

  • References available on request