Alpha Cogs is proud to be in close relation with the University of Pisa. All our members have studied fro this University and now we keep supporting and collaborating with it


Alpha Cogs is proud of its collaboration with University of Pisa.

Our key members have BA and Master Degrees from this university and they proved themselves by working on various projects for UEFA, Camelot (national lottery), Just Eat, General Electric and the CNR (National Research Council) of Pisa.


Our work with the CNR and IT degrees allow us to establish exclusive communication and partnership with the Pisa University. In 2018, we are starting collaboration with the University where we will employ best graduates with most demanding technical skill

We will have direct access to the best technical graduates of the Pisa University who are trained to a high standard and ready to work on projects, ensuring their fast progression from junior to senior developers in most demanding technologies through additional in-house and course training. Therefore, our partners can be sure that we will be able to expand our team with any technology required for their projects.