All our key members and developers have a BA or MSc and we are proud of keeping the level of professionalism and skills at the top. This gives us the security to be competitive and not afraid of any challenge.

We pride ourself to have one of the most higly skilled staff currently on the National and International IT market.

All our key members and developer have a BA or MSc and we constantly keep ourself up to date with technologies following courses and seminars. 

Thanks to 9 years of experience in one of the most competitive market such as London proof us to be competitive against the best and most known companies in the Globe.

Our partnership with CNR and University of Pisa forces us  constantly to be on top of the very last techonologies in every IT sector, from low level optimised systems to web enterprise solutions passing through mobile and consoles development.

This situation allows us to accomulate the highest knowlege in the IT sector which we are happy to share with our clients either through consultancy services or organising courses either in house or in client offices.

We believe that sharing our knowledge and passion for IT with our Customers is the best way to grow and learn from one to the other and also this is the best way to honor our Company motto:


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