Our web team is constantly improving their skills to follow the newest and best technologies for the web. We have chosen Hippo as our Company CMS

We have more than 9 years experience on Web and CMS systems constantly looking for the best platforms in order to provide to our customer the right solution for their problem.

The technology we use are:

  • HTML5 
  • CSS3 
  • Angualr (from version 1 to the ltest version available)
  • VueJs
  • NodeJs
  • Typescript
  • Javascript
  • Java and java EE
  • Serverless Solutions using AWS and Serverless Framework
  • Hippo CMS 

We do not only want to supply our services to our clients, we want to get passionate about their busness and their technology view. We always try to build a long lasting relationship based on mutual trust and understanding.

We pride ourselve to have a family like approach in our Company and we want to make our clients parts of our family too.

This approach is taken also with the suppliers of the technologies we use as we always try to reach and estabilish a contant with the ones that create software we strongly believe in and we try to support and promote it.